Robin’s List

May 6, 2009

1. The Great Outdoors

2. Anthony Trollope

3. Ergonomic desk chairs

4. Breakfast in bed

(Robin / New York, NY / Age 55)

4 Responses to “Robin’s List”

  1. eric Says:

    Why do you and your brother hate nature? All around I love your list though 🙂 LOL
    Maybe I Won’t look up who Anthony Trollope is 😉

  2. SA Says:

    Man, “breakfast in bed” is so true. It’s mostly a hassle to eat, and a hassle to clean up. Plus, I don’t want to wake up and eat. I want to get up, pee, wash my face, etc.

  3. addiefleur Says:

    Breakfast in bed, great one!

  4. when using desk chairs, i would always prefer to use wood instead of plastic desk chairs ‘”-

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