The Four Most Overrated Things In Life

According to a 2006 New Yorker profile, Christopher Hitchens once declared “that the four most overrated things in life were champagne, lobsters, anal sex, and picnics.” Like all of Hitchens’s opinions, his Overrated List is both outspoken and trenchant: you might hate it, but you have to admit he’s on to something.

Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, we can all publish Overrated Lists of our own. The rules are simple. Each List contains exactly four (4) items. You only get one (1) List per lifetime, so think hard and make it good. While your List should be unique, try not to make it too idiosyncratic (“the deli on my corner”; “things I am allergic to”). And keep in mind: overrated things are not just bad things (impetigo and Cleveland, for instance, were never rated highly in the first place). Most overrated things are good–just not that good.

Please submit your List to, along with your first name, age, and city of residence. If you want your name to appear as a link to another site, please include that as well. And tell your friends! But don’t be surprised if you start an argument.

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